REVIEW | Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette

I picked up the ABH Artist Palette a couple of months ago, and I decided to do a little review on it since I haven’t had the chance to actually use it since I received it. It is a very colourful palette that is meant to be used with any other neutral palette. I purchased the palette because I don’t really have any colourful eyeshadows in my collection, and I always heard good things about the ABH eyeshadows. Here’s what it looks like:


It has a very interesting assortment of colours. Definitely a bit deconstructed in the sense that it is difficult to come up with several different looks using the palette alone. Although it is meant to accompany another palette, I attempted to create a look using solely these shadows. Before showing the look, I wanted to discuss the pigmentation of the shadows.

I was disappointed to find that they were actually not as pigmented as I had anticipated (please excuse the lighting):

Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette NC42 swatch

The colours are swatched in the order in which they appear in the palette. These were swatched without a primer, however as you can tell, some colours are quite patchy and not very pigmented. I’d have to say that some of the better colours in the palette were Dusty Rose, Aubergine, and Baby, I’m A Star – these shadows actually went on quite buttery and fairly pigmented, and were rather easy to blend. The other colours, however, fell short of my expectations.

This is the look I came up with using Anaconda, Blue Velvet, Dusty Rose, Phresh, Punch Fuschia and Beigely:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette NC42 House of lashes Iconic

Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette NC42 House of lashes Iconic

Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette NC42 phresh

The colours didn’t show up as vibrant as I would have liked on my eyes. I applied the Urban Decay Primer Potion on my lids as well as NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk underneath Phresh, and even that didn’t do much for the shadows.

Overall, I am quite disappointed with the palette. It really is unfortunate since I’ve heard such great things about ABH shadows. I was thinking of picking up the new Shadow Couture palette, however I think I may just hold off for fear of it being similar in quality to these shadows.

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