Colour Pop Haul + Reviews

colour pop haul girl & vanity

When Colour Pop first came out with their liquid lipsticks, I knew I had to get my hands on them. However, they sold out in a hot minute. As soon as they restocked, I was able to snag a few along with some shadows and a highlighter. Colour Pop has been an intriguing brand to me mainly because of the price point and the quality of their products. I’ve ordered from them once previously and was quite impressed with the shadows, “lippie stix”, and their blushes, so I decided to test my luck with a whole new batch of other products.

EDIT: Check out my latest review on the Colour Pop Liquid Lipsticks here. I may have changed my mind on them a little…

Super Shock Shadows

The first time I ordered from Colour Pop, I purchased 2 shadows, On The Rocks and Cop A Feel. I have to admit, Cop A Feel isn’t a shadow I ever reach for. It looks terrible and chalky on my skin, I’m not even sure why I decided on that shade in the first place. On The Rocks, on the other hand, is such a beautiful and unique shade. It’s the main reason why I wanted to branch out and try some other (more colourful) shades. This time, I got La La, Gameface, Drift, Lace, and Coconut. These colours looked so beautiful when swatched and at $5 USD a pop, they’re great shadows to use if you want to experiment with unusual shades. I will say, the shadows don’t actually show up as vibrant as they appear in the pot, however in all fairness, I didn’t swatch them over a primer. If you are thinking of trying some Colour Pop shadows, I would recommend trying any of them except the matte shadows. They just aren’t as creamy as the pearlized ones and they don’t blend very easily with other shadows, cream or powder. I would also like to add that these shadows look best when applied with fingers. If using a brush, expect the colour pay off to be less than stellar.


Since I was a fan of the Colour Pop blushes, I decided to try the new highlighters they came out with. I chose to go with Avalon based on the swatches shown on the website and because I usually look best with a rose gold-ish highlight in the summer. Avalon swatched beautifully on my arm, however I found it to be a little to harsh when I applied it to my face. I used an Elf small stipple brush and I found that it either barely deposited any product on my face , therefore I decided to apply a small amount using my fingers. I suppose the “fingers or bust” rule applies to their highlighters as well. It could just be because I’m not an avid cream highlight user, so unless you know how to work with that kind of formula, I would suggest skipping out on the highlighters if you’re going for a more subdued highlight.
colour pop la la gameface drift lace coconut avalon swatch NC42 medium tan skin

Left to right: La La, Gameface, Drift, Lace, Coconut, Avalon (highlighter)

Liquid Lipsticks

Ah, the coveted liquid lipstick. I was very excited to try these out the most just because a) who doesn’t like a good liquid lipstick? b) they can get expensive, so if finding a $6 HG formula is possible, why not give it a try? I picked up Bumble, Tulle, Avenue, and Succulent. Unfortunately, I only have swatches of Bumble and Tulle, but I will probably stick in swatches for the other two once I’m feeling up to it (i.e. if my lips can handle the torture). Unfortunately, I was not very impressed with these lipsticks. They felt and smelled like paint, which is disappointing because the shades really are lovely. The formula is very thin, and it dries down very fast once applied. I’ve heard that some people were having issues with the product spilling out of the tubes. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced that, although I’m not surprised given how runny the product is. They are also very drying, which is expected from a liquid lipstick, but being an owner of several kinds from different brands, these definitely dry my lips out the most. They are somewhat uncomfortable to wear, and no amount of lip prepping and moisturizing will help that (unless you want your lipstick to slip and slide everywhere). They’re also quite difficult to take off, hence the lack of complete swatches (sorry again).
colour pop ultra matte liquid lipstick tulle NC42

Colour Pop Liquid Lipstick in Tulle

colour pop ultra matte liquid lipstick bumble NC42

Colour Pop Liquid Lipstick in Bumble

For the liquid lipsticks, I think you definitely get what you pay for. The shades do last for quite a while despite eating and drinking, however they are not very attractive on the lips. As you can see in the pictures I provided, the creases on my lips are very pronounced, making them look quite dry, and trust me, it doesn’t look any better as the day goes on. If you’re thinking of purchasing this product for the sake of trying out some funky colours, I say go for it. At the end of the day, they aren’t the worst liquid lipsticks out there and they’re quite inexpensive. However, if you believe that these could be alternatives to the more well-known lipsticks (i.e. KVD, ABH, Stila, etc.) I would skip these and just spend the extra money. Your lips will thank you in the end.

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