DUPE | MAC Uninterrupted

This specific dupe post is quite interesting, mainly because the product that I have as its “dupe” is actually one that I initially bought because I thought it was a dupe for this “dupe”. Confused? I apologize, but that was the only way I could describe this oddity. Essentially, the reason why I am duping MAC Uninterrupted is because it is now discontinued, however it was initially a dupe for the dupe I’m about to introduce: the Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Camel.

mac uninterrupted dupe bobbi brown camel dupe

MAC Uninterrupted was part of the Pro Longwear line before it was sadly discontinued and retailed for $17 CAD for 0.11 oz of product, which isn’t bad considering most MAC eye shadows are 0.04 oz for $12 CAD. The Bobbi Brown eye shadow in Camel retails for $28 CAD for 0.08 oz of product, making it significantly more pricey for less product. Now, I know that doesn’t sound like a stellar option, however this specific shade is just so flattering and apparently quite unique, and considering the former of the two is no longer available, the price difference is almost justified……almost.


MAC uninterrupted bobbi brown camel NC40 swatch dupe medium skin

Top to Bottom: Bobbi Brown – Camel, MAC – Uninterrupted. On NC40 skin. Left side primed with UDPP.

Now, onto the actual shade comparison. In the pan these shades look almost identical, however when swatched, it is quite clear that Uninterrupted is much warmer and slightly more pigmented. Both shadows look much better over a primer rather than on their own. I decided to take it a step further and compare both shadows on my eyelids instead, because..you know..that’s where it actually counts.

MAC uninterrupted bobbi brown camel NC40

Personally, I think that these two shadows are indiscernible on the eyelids. They might differ ever so slightly when it comes to their pigmentation, but apart from that, I’d say these are pretty darn close. Both blend quite nicely although Uninterrupted may be slightly less buttery, which I suppose is an added incentive to replace it with Camel.

Overall, I’d say these shadows are probably one of my favourite dupes since they are actually suitable replacements for one another. I hope you enjoyed this set of dupes!

3 thoughts on “DUPE | MAC Uninterrupted

  1. This has helped me so much! I use uninterrupted every single day and it’s so close to running out! Thank you!!


    1. You’re very welcome! I believe Makeup Geek also has a couple of dupes similar to Uninterrupted (Desert Sands and Tiki Hut), but I still think that Bobbi Brown’s Camel is the only dupe that comes closest. I’m glad you found this post useful!


  2. Thank you, I ran out of my MAC uninterrupted and was seriously considering buying it on eBay for an outrageous price, twice as much as Bobbi Brown’s Camel, Appreciate your tip.


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