TOP 5 | Favourite Blushes

Blushes have always been a key staple in any look I wear. I always envied people who had a natural flush at all times, and loading up on blush was the only way that I could imitate that nice, fresh, healthy look. I have a modest collection containing a variety of shades, however I would like to discuss some of my all-time favourite blushes in no particular order.

MAC warm soul NARS orgasm MAC breath of plum MAC love thing blush

MAC blush in Breath of Plum

This is the newest addition to my blush collection and I absolutely love it. I bought it in the Pro palette refill pan for $21 CAD – the pro palette refill pans are $5 CAD cheaper than buying the blush in the normal packaging, FYI. The shade is described as a light plum and is a sheertone blush, meaning that it’s supposed to give a faint wash of colour. I was looking for a more cool-toned blush to use for the winter since I didn’t really have any, and when I saw Nicole Guerriero using this blush in her videos, I thought that I would give it a try; this blush did not disappoint. Although it’s supposed to be sheer, I found that it had a pretty decent colour pay-off yet it wasn’t harsh at all and was very easy to blend out. It wasn’t too cool for my skin, which leans more yellow, so if you have medium/tan skin and are looking for a natural looking, cool-toned blush, then this one could be it.

mac breath of plum nc40 skin

Before. Left side: with primer. Right side: bare skin.

NARS blush in Orgasm

This blush currently retails for $37 CAD at Sephora, making it one of the more pricier blushes I own. It is described as a “peachy pink with shimmer”. When I received this blush, I probably wore it exclusively for a year straight. It was my first “brand name” blush, and I was so excited to finally upgrade from my Cover Girl Cheekers blush (which did me good for a solid 4 years, s/o to Plumberry Glow). My initial thoughts about it were a little mixed given that it wasn’t as pigment as I expected it to be, especially with that price tag. I knew it was a very popular shade, and while the colour was beautiful and the name was risqué af, I didn’t find the formula to be anything extraordinary. I also noticed that over time, the blush develops a thin film which prevents you from picking up much product, so you have to scrape it every once in a while to get back to normal. It is very sparkly, so if you’re not into shiny, glittery, and sparkly blushes, then this isn’t for you. I happen to love it because of the sheen it gives off and it also doubles as a highlighter.

nars orgasm blush NC40

NARS Orgasm on NC40 skin

MAC Mineralize blush in Warm Soul

I’ll be honest, when the woman at MAC recommended that I try this blush out while looking for a nude blush, I wasn’t the least bit interested. It looked like it would be way too light for me and I didn’t think it would even show up on my skin. Fast forward a year later, and now I’m obsessed with it. It’s a bit more expensive that the regular MAC blushes, and it currently retails for $32 CAD (unfortunately, the mineralize blushes are not available to purchase for the pro refill pans). It’s described as a mid tone beige with gold pearl, and it seriously gives you that “glow from within” look with a hint of colour. On me, it isn’t a blush that I can go overboard with, which is great because I can be a little heavy-handed. I think this is a blush that can work with any skin tone – it can add some warmth to fairer tones, and can even work as a highlight for deeper tones. Unfortunately, I heard that the newer formulations of this blush aren’t as good as the original formula since the newer versions have more glitter and sparkle in it. I haven’t actually made the comparison myself, but if you can somehow get the original formula of this blush, I highly recommend doing so.

mac warm soul medium tan skin NC40

MAC Warm Soul on NC40 skin

MAC blush in Melba

If you’re in the market for a natural, matte, every day blush that goes with absolutely everything, please check Melba out. Whenever I’m in doubt about which blush I should wear of if I’m in a hurry, I always reach for this one because it’s practically fool-proof. It’s described as a soft coral peach, and it does not have any sheen or sparkle to it whatsoever. I would say that this blush definitely leans more warm, however it is quite muted and is not too bright. It blends out very nicely and isn’t too pigmented, leaving a nice wash of colour.

mac melba medium tan skin nc40

MAC Melba on NC40 skin

MAC Mineralize blush in Love Thing

This blush is dedicated to my deeper skinned gyals. Love Thing captures the essence of perfectly flushed skin, and gives just the right amount of colour along with a subtle glow. The shade is described as a dirty burgundy with gold pearl, however unlike Warm Soul, this blush is extremely pigmented. MAC Mineralize blushes are meant to “build lightly, layer after layer, without heavy coverage”, but that is definitely not the case with Love Thing. You have to be very careful with this blush, otherwise you can easily end up looking very clownish or just look like you’ve been punched in the face (as seen below). I normally have to tap off a lot of the excess in order for it to give me a beautiful flushed look – like I just came inside after being out in the cold.

mac mineralize love thing medium tan skin nc40

MAC Love Thing on NC40 skin

I’m aware that these blushes look almost identical on me, so I’ve provided swatches comparing them side by side just to see an overall view of the blushes.


Blush swatches on NC40 skin

And there you have it, my all-time favourite blushes! I hope this post was interesting and informative, and please stay tuned for more reviews, tutorials, and dupes!

5 thoughts on “TOP 5 | Favourite Blushes

  1. I’ve been using nars orgasm for everrr but I’m definitely going to switch it up to one of the others in this review. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Oh gosh! These were taken so long ago that I can’t be 100% sure what all of them are, but I’ll take a shot!

      Breath of Plum: it could’ve been either Maybelline Touch of Spice or Stila Liquid Lipstick in Patina.

      Orgasm: Pretty sure it was KVD Cathedral.

      Warm Soul: Most likely NARS Audacious lipstick in Jane, but patted on rather than swiped.

      Melba: Definitely KVD Lolita, but the liquid lipstick version.

      Love Thing: I’m really not sure about this one! It may have been KVD Cathedral again.

      I hope this helped!


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