TUTORIAL | How to get a flawless base

Having a flawless base is key to creating a well put-together look. Whether you strive for fuller coverage on a daily basis, or if you like to reserve it for special occasions, it’s always good to know how to achieve perfect-looking skin. When people think of flawless foundation, sometimes they think it goes hand in hand with using thick and heavy-duty makeup, however I believe that it’s absolutely possible to create the illusion of perfect-looking skin without feeling like you’re wearing a mask. My lovely friend, Winta, was kind enough to be my model for this tutorial, and if you would like to see how I gave her a natural glam look with a focus on skin, please keep reading.

maybelline fit me matte + poreless 330 toffee nars concealer amande mac pro longwear concealer NC42 morphe 35O palette NC45 limecrime salem NC45


Winta is absolutely beautiful inside and out, however she had mentioned that she was having some trouble with achieving a full-coverage, flawless look. She wanted some tips on how to conceal some of the darker spots on her face due to some scarring, and I essentially told her that colour correcting was going to be her new best friend. I also told her that I was barely going to use any product on her face and still achieve that flawless base she was after. Here’s a ‘before’ picture:


Before. Applied the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer all over the face.

Before we started applying any makeup, I asked Winta to prep her skin very well by cleansing with a gentle cleanser, exfoliating to slough off any dry patches, and to moisturize intensively. The most important part of having a flawless base is to make sure that your skin is in the best condition that it can possibly be in. This ensures that the makeup will apply evenly and smoothly.

I proceeded to apply a primer all over her face, focusing more on the areas that we wanted to conceal the most. I applied a pea-sized amount of the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, mostly on her T-zone, cheeks, and chin. I applied it on these areas in a patting motion and started to buff it out in circular motions as I got to the outer perimeter of her face. If you would like to learn more about face primers, check out this post.

One of Winta’s main concerns were her scarring and some minor breakouts that she had. For her dark spots, I used the MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Duo in the shade Burnt Coral. It’s the perfect rich orange shade to brighten up dark brown spots. I applied the tiniest amount on all the darker areas that she wanted to conceal. I think I may have used one ‘swipe’ of product to cover half of her face, which isn’t much product at all. This step is probably the most essential part of keeping this look light while remaining flawless. Colour correcting neutralizes areas that usually are harder to conceal, therefore by using a colour corrector, you minimize the amount of product needed to “cover up” problem areas. If you would like to see an in-depth tutorial on colour correcting, please check out this post.

After I did some colour correction on Winta, I proceeded to apply some foundation. I used the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation in the shade 330 Toffee. I used about half a pump on one half of her face and neck, which isn’t very much product at all. When she saw the amount of product I was about to use on her, she thought I was crazy. But when I started to apply the foundation and showed her how much it was covering up, she was in disbelief. The method of applying the foundation is another crucial part to creating a flawless base: pat the foundation in instead of buffing it in. No matter how pigmented your foundation is, you will always get much more coverage if you pat it in. I used the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to apply Winta’s foundation; a brush that is by no means special in any way, and it gave flawless results using this method. I proceeded to apply some concealer on Winta’s under eye area, and spot-concealed ever so slightly on a spot on her face and finished off with a light dusting of face powder and some slight contouring on the perimeter of her face. Here are the results:


maybelline fit me matte + poreless 330 toffee nars concealer amande mac pro longwear concealer mac studio conceal and correct duo burnt orange

Left side: primer. Right side: Colour corrected w/ foundation and under eye concealer.

Again, I barely used any product on her face! The foundation I used on her is a medium coverage foundation, which I used one thin layer of. I used concealer, but only on her under eyes and a tiny spot application on her cheek. Yet, it still looks quite flawless! It just goes to show how you don’t need to pile on a million products to have perfect-looking skin. Here’s the finished look on Winta:

maybelline fit me matte + poreless 330 toffee nars concealer amande mac pro longwear concealer NC42 morphe 35O palette NC45 limecrime salem NC45

I asked her to do the other side of her face using the same methods I used, and she found it very easy to follow, and I thought she did a great job! We decided to have some fun and I gave her a very natural ‘glam’ look, but it didn’t take much for her to look absolutely stunning.

And there you have it! My tips and tricks on how to create a flawless base without caking on the makeup. It doesn’t matter if you have some problematic areas, its entirely possible to have perfect-looking skin while keeping it light by following these steps:

  • Prep your skin well by cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing properly, no matter what your skin type is!
  • Colour correct accordingly depending on what your skin issues are.
  • When applying foundation using a brush or fingers, pat it into the skin rather than buffing it in – one of my favourite tricks for getting more coverage without using too much product!
  • If you think you need more coverage after applying foundation, spot conceal using a tiny brush and apply concealer only where needed.

I hope you all found this useful, and let me know if you would like to see more of these kinds of tutorials!

Product list

  • Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
  • MAC Studio Conceal and Correct Duo – Rich Yellow and Burnt Coral
  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation – 330 Toffee
  • MAC Pro Longwear Concealer – NC42 mixed with NARS Concealer – Amande
  • Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder
  • Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette – Sombre
  • MAC Mineralize Skin Finish – Gold Deposit
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade – Dark Brown
  • Morphe 35O Palette
  • Ebay lashes
  • Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipstick – Salem

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