REVIEW | Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks

It seems that weird shades in makeup are becoming a lot more commonplace in today’s trends, especially when it comes to lipsticks. I don’t really stray too far from the more typical shades, and the boldest I’ll go is with a bright red or pink, or a dark red, purple, or brown lip. However, when I saw the latest releases from Bite Beauty’s new Amuse Bouche lipstick line, there were two shades in particular that caught my eye. They were certainly not shades I’d ever been interested in before, but these ones just had a certain “je ne sais quoi” that made them so intriguing. If you’d like to know my thoughts on these new Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipsticks, keep on reading!

bite beauty amuse bouche kale nc40 bite beauty amuse bouche kale tan skin bite beauty amuse bouche squid ink nc40 bite beauty amuse bouche squid ink tan skin


The Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipsticks are a new line of lipsticks which currently come in 40 different shades. They are available from Sephora and retail for $30 CAD for 0.15 oz of product, which seems like a fair price (for comparisons sake, MAC lipsticks are about $21 CAD for 0.1 oz of product). All the available shades come in a satin finish, and are described as follows:

Swipe on bold, creamy lip color with Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche. Created and crafted by hand, Bite’s small batch, low-heat process preserves a balanced blend of lip-quenching nutrients, vitamins, and omega oils that are essential for achieving healthy-looking lips. Made with 12 edible oils and triple milled pigments, this lipstick provides saturated lip color with weightless coverage and a citrus flavor made from fresh pressed fruit.

I picked up the shades Squid Ink, which is described as a “deep navy with black”, and Kale, which is described as a “deep hunter green with black”.


Upon swatching the shades, I noticed that the formula was extremely creamy, smooth, and opaque. One swipe delivers excellent colour payoff, and going over once more gives absolute colour saturation. As I’ve mentioned before, these lipsticks have a satin finish, however since they are so creamy, they actually give off a bit of a glossy sheen. As for the scent, it has a very pleasant, light, citrusy fragrance to it, which I’m assuming comes from the fruit flavour that is used in the formulation.

bite beauty amuse bouche kale nc40 bite beauty amuse bouche kale tan skin bite beauty amuse bouche squid ink nc40 bite beauty amuse bouche squid ink tan skin

L to R: Squid Ink, Kale

Application & Wear

Since these shades are very dark, applying them took a little more effort than usual. I actually had to go in with a lip brush to make sure I had crisp edges. In fact, I feel like a lip brush is necessary for these two shades in particular in order to avoid making a smudgy mess. They glide on very smoothly and do not accentuate the texture of the lips too much. I didn’t experience either of these sinking into my lip lines throughout an extended period of time. I also didn’t notice any feathering with these shades, however I will mention that I never have experienced any sort of feathering with lipsticks, so that it something to consider. They felt very comfortable to wear and didn’t dry out my lips over time. I was, however, very careful with what I drink and ate whenever I wore these shades because they are quite creamy and therefore transfer extremely easily and can smudge. For this reason, I would say that these are definitely high maintenance – these shades at least. When it came time to take these off (after about 4 hours of wear for each), I noticed that they did stain my lips quite a bit, but it wasn’t too difficult to wash off with a cleanser.

Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Squid Ink

Squid Ink is a beautiful blackened navy which I thought looked really nice on my skin. It was very comfortable and creamy, however I felt as if this shade wasn’t as opaque once applied to my lips compared to when I initially swatched it on my arm. Regardless, I’m still a huge fan of this shade.

bite beauty amuse bouche squid ink nc40 bite beauty amuse bouche squid ink tan skin bite beauty amuse bouche lipsticks

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche in Squid Ink on NC40 skin

Bite Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Kale

Kale is a very deep, blackened forest green. This shade is extremely opaque, almost to the point where it could definitely be mistaken as just a black lipstick, which in all honestly is the case for this shade unless it’s seen in a well-lit area. This was also very comfortable and creamy to wear and apply.

bite beauty amuse bouche kale nc40 bite beauty amuse bouche kale tan skin Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche in Kale on NC40 skin

Final Thoughts

I’m quite impressed with the new Amuse Bouche line. The lipsticks are truly very high quality products that do exactly what they claim to do, which is to deliver creamy and opaque colour in one swipe. I’m considering trying out some other, more wearable shades in the line in the near future. Needless to say, I absolutely recommend these lipsticks.


Have you tried any of the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks?

What are your thoughts?


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