REVIEW | Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lipstick Kit in Bloodwine

pat mcgrath lust 004 bloodwine tan skin pat mcgrath lust 004 bloodwine nc42 skin

Pat McGrath is a legendary makeup artist who has one of the most sought-after products on the market. Known for her iconic looks which are constantly featured in Vogue, it’s no wonder why her makeup line is such a huge success. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on some of her products, but they were sold exclusively on her website and would always sell out immediately. Fortunately, her latest release became available to purchase through the Sephora website, so obviously I grabbed a kit and needed to see what the fuss was all about. If you’d like to know more about my thoughts on the Lust 004 Lipstick Kit, please keep reading.


I picked up the Lust 004 Lipstick Kit in Bloodwine from the Sephora website for $72 CAD. Her kits come in 3 different versions, the other two options being Flesh and Vermillion. They are limited edition. There is the option of buying the 3 separate kits, the lipsticks alone, or the entire collection. Here is the description from the Sephora website:

A five-piece kit of perverse lip paraphernalia that features two sinfully pigmented matte lipsticks, a clear vinyl gloss, a metallic gold pigment, and a mesmerizing microfine glitter.

The description also includes a little blurb mentioning that the packaging was inspired by authentic cosmetic lab samples, which is all fine and dandy, however I find that it really cheapens the product.

Blood 1 Lipstick

Blood 1 is a gorgeous bright, classic red. Using this product, I did not expect it to be so creamy, opaque, and smooth. It applied very nicely and easily. The finish wasn’t fully matte; it leans slightly more satin. It felt very comfortable on the lips and I did not experience any feathering. This lipstick is not transfer-proof, and you have to be very careful otherwise it will get everywhere. It also leaves behind a heavy stain, so be warned. Overall, it is a beautiful shade and it has a wonderful formula.

pat mcgrath lust 004 bloodwine nc42 pat mcgrath lust 004 blood 1 swatch tan skin pat mcgrath lust 004 blood 1 nc42 skin

Pat McGrath Lust 004 Blood 1 lipstick on NC42 skin

Blood 2 Lipstick

This shade is a very deep burgundy. Just like Blood 1, the formula is equally as creamy and opaque. It applied smoothly, however I definitely had to use a lip brush to get a precise application. I did not experience any dryness or discomfort with either Blood 1 or Blood 2. This shade also left behind a stain, and I did experience a bit of feathering. Blood 2 also is a mix between satin and matte.

pat mcgrath lust 004 bloodwine nc42 pat mcgrath lust 004 blood 2 swatch tan skin pat mcgrath lust 004 blood 2 nc42 skin

Pat McGrath Lust 004 Blood 2 lipstick on NC42 skin

Glitter + Vinyl Gloss

I used a bit of the Vinyl Gloss to give the red glitter something to stick to. The gloss was very thick and definitely gave a wet, glossy look to the lips. It was quite sticky therefore I can’t see myself ever using the Vinyl Gloss as an every day lip product, or even one to wear for an event since it is so thick and messy.

The red glitter was very difficult to get out from the packaging. I had to pry off the sifter to get anything out, so that was a mild annoyance. I want to warn everybody who is thinking of using glitter on their lips to mind your breathing. I was an idiot and inhaled some glitter while applying it to my lips, and my lungs were not doing very well for a few days after. All that said, please be cautious! Anyway, the glitter wasn’t anything special. I think I applied way too much gloss so it was quite difficult to get the glitter to stick properly to my lips. It was a labour-intensive feat, and I don’t think I’ll ever wear the glitter all over my lips again, but I will admit that it looks lovely in photos.

pat mcgrath lust 004 bloodwine nc42 pat mcgrath lust 004 blood 2 glitter swatch tan skin pat mcgrath lust 004 blood 2 glitter nc42 skin

Pat McGrath Lust 004 Blood 2 lipstick + Vinyl Gloss + Red Glitter on NC42 skin

Gold Pigment

The gold pigment wasn’t really something that wow’d me either. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty shade; kind of like a bronze-gold rather than a true gold shade, however it just seems very generic. It came in the same packaging as the red glitter, however this product was expectedly a lot more messy. It wasn’t as pigmented as I expected it to be, and it went on a bit patchy. I think I am more inclined to use this as an eye shadow rather than something to put on my lips.

pat mcgrath lust 004 bloodwine nc42 pat mcgrath lust 004 bloodwine gold pigment tan skin pat mcgrath lust 004 bloodwine gold pigment nc42 swatch

Pat McGrath Lust 004 Gold Pigment on NC42 skin (over my brand new tattoo!)

Final Thoughts

The lipsticks from the Lust 004 Bloodwine kit really are lovely and I would highly recommend trying them if you really like any of the shades. Do I think that buying the kit is a good idea? Well, considering that the lipsticks on their own are $30 CAD, if there are two shades that you are particularly fond of and they happen to come in a kit together, I say go for it. If not, I think it would be best to just buy the lipsticks individually. I don’t think that the other components of the lipstick kits add any significant value and I’m certain that the average makeup consumer would be better off without them.

As much as I like the formula, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing any other shades from the current Lust 004 lipstick line. To put it simply, none of the other shades really interest me. If there’s ever a time when Ms. McGrath decides to release any other unique or interesting shades in the near future, maybe I’ll look into them. In the mean time, there are some other formulations that are equally as good and have a much wider shade range for you lovely readers to consider.

Have you tried any of Pat McGrath’s products?

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