REVIEW | Viseart Dark Mattes Palette

Hello again! It’s been quite some time since I’ve written a post on here, and I truly apologize! Life has been quite hectic and I haven’t been able to deliver much content, but I’m hoping to get back at it. Also, some regulars might notice a slight change in the layout of the blog. I recently migrated over to the regular platform, so hopefully everything is looking good and is easy to navigate! Please let me know if you guys find any broken links, pictures, pages, etc, and I’ll fix it right up! Also, let me know what you guys think of the new look.

Back into the purpose of this post – I’ve been meaning to write a review for the Viseart Dark Mattes palette for quite some time! Viseart has boomed in popularity lately and is regarded as having some of the best eye shadows on the market. They’re also notoriously pricey, so it took me a while to finally take the plunge and try them out. What are my thoughts? Keep reading to find out.

Viseart dark mattes palette review nc40


The Viseart palettes come with 12 eye shadows and retail for $100 CAD on the Sephora website. There are currently 9 palettes to choose from, 4 being all matte and 5 being all satin. I chose the “Dark Mattes” version, given that I didn’t have many shadows in my collection with those shades. Here is the description given on the Sephora website:

A coveted professional eye shadow palette that can be used for shading, highlighting, and defining eyes, brows, and the contours of the face.

04 Dark Matte: These dramatic, rich shades add an extra depth of color to any eye look. Navies and wines add definition to a smoky eye, while rich browns and oranges deepen golden and champagne eye looks.

The entire palette comes with 0.84 oz of product, so about 0.07 oz per eye shadow. To put it into perspective, a single MAC eye shadow is 0.04 oz, and the Urban Decay Naked palette has 0.05 oz per shadow. My point is, these shadows are actually quite large, so the price is somewhat justified.

One thing that really bothers me about this palette is its packaging. It’s very cheap and flimsy for the cost, and it also isn’t very sturdy. It doesn’t seem very travel friendly, however I’m pretty sure that the pans can easily be taken out and placed in a better palette if needed.


These shadows are well-known for being extremely pigmented, blendable, and smooth. I’m happy to report that the claims are true! These shadows are so easy to work with, they blend like a dream, and they’re very pigmented. One problem I have with highly pigmented shadows is the fact that they are quite difficult to blend and tend to look patchy, however these are incredibly smooth and finely-milled so blending them out is no problem at all. The quality of these shadows are unmatched. If I had to compare them, I would say the ones that come closest are the shadows in the Kat Von D Shade + Light eye contour palette. However, these are a lot more smooth and blend more easily.

I’ve swatched all the shadows on my arm without using a primer. I also used a brush to show their true pigmentation.

Viseart dark mattes palette review nc40 Viseart dark mattes palette swatch nc40

Brush swatches without primer

I personally never use eye shadows without a primer, but it just goes to show how lovely these shadows can be even without a base.

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend these palettes? I definitely think they’re worth checking out, particularly the matte palettes. I’ve heard that the satin formulation isn’t as impressive, so perhaps those ones are worth skipping. I understand that $100 is a lot of money to shell out on a palette, and that’s because it is. I would only recommend picking up these palettes if you want to upgrade your existing shadows, definitely not as a beginners palette. If you have your eyes on the neutral matte palette but also don’t want to shell out the big bucks, I would recommend trying out the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour palette instead given that they are so similar. These shadows may be great, but I don’t believe that they are absolutely necessary. That being said, these palettes often go on sale for those living in the U.S. on the website, so if you can ever get them at a discounted price, I think you absolutely should jump at the chance.

Have you tried any of the Viseart palettes?

Do you think they’re worth the price?

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