REVIEW | NARS x Sarah Moon Mind Game Velvet Lip Glide Set

NARS recently launched a new product called the Velvet Lip Glide which has a new hydrating, semi-matte formula. It’s definitely a refreshing spin on the sea of matte lip formulas that have been dominating the market. I’ve been wanting to try some out, however I was having a hard time deciding which shade to choose. Thankfully, NARS collaborated with Sarah Moon for this year’s holiday collection and luckily one of the holiday sets contained a bunch of mini Velvet Lip Glides! I snatched it real quick when I saw that it came back in stock, and I am so excited to deliver my thoughts on this highly coveted set.

NARS x sarah moon velvet lip glide set review


The NARS x Sarah Moon Mind Game Velvet Lip Glide set is available only at Sephora and retails for $59 CAD. The set comes with 6 mini Velvet Lip Glide lipsticks, and has the following description:

The innovative Mind Game Velvet Lip Glide Set features three cult-classic and three limited-edition shades for instant, highly saturated color. The non-drying formula hugs lips with velvety smooth precision, thanks to a hydrating, oil-infused complex brimming with antioxidant-rich water lily flowers and white tea extracts. The wands feature a plush, doe-foot applicator for soft product application and flawlessly supple lips.

The set is in collaboration with Sarah Moon, a renowned fashion photographer known for her dreamy and elegant style. Sarah’s ethereal photographs are absolutely stunning yet somewhat eccentric, so it’s no surprise as to why NARS would want to collaborate which such an artist.

The lipsticks were packaged in a beautiful box featuring artwork by Sarah Moon herself, which I think is gorgeous and elegant. The lipsticks themselves were packaged in miniature versions of the full-sized tubes. As the description says, each lipstick has a lovely doe-foot applicator that is very soft, somewhat flexible, and quite large. The size doesn’t exactly allow for precise application, but I’ll explain later on in the review as to why that isn’t necessarily something that is needed with this type of product.


The Velvet Lip Glides have a very interesting formula. To start, they are very comfortable to wear and they are very hydrating. They also really do glide on the lips with a velvety texture, and the large and thick wand allows for enough product to be delivered onto the lips. They also smell nice, which is always a bonus.

These are pigmented, however they aren’t completely opaque like the matte liquid lipsticks we’re all used to – but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In my opinion, I think it gives the right amount of pigment to the lips, but not to the point where it looks so pigmented that it makes your lips look like it has a thick layer of paint over it. That said, this product doesn’t really layer well to get a perfect, solid, opaque application, so if that’s the look you’re into then this product might not be for you. Another thing to mention is that these don’t really work well for a light wash of colour either. I tried to tone one of these down so I could wear it to work one day, and it just looked like a patchy mess on my lips. These are really only meant to be worn as a swipe-and-go product, so trying to manipulate the formula isn’t really possible.

As I mentioned earlier, the wand doesn’t really allow for precise application, however with this type of formula, a precise application isn’t really what you want to go for. This formula looks best with blurred out edges, which I personally really like because it gives a more soft and elegant look.

I wouldn’t exactly consider these as semi-matte because they definitely have a lot more shine than I expected, but I wouldn’t say they’re glosses either. Because of this, they do not have much lasting power and transfer very easily. They do, however, leave behind a beautiful stain.


NARS velvet lip glide Bound nc40 skin Sarah moon mind games review

Bound is described as a soft magenta. This shade was the only one in the set that I was apprehensive about, only because I didn’t think it would suit my skin tone. To my surprise, I actually thought it looked quite nice when I first swiped it on. Because these lipsticks aren’t completely opaque, the shade kind of meshed in with my natural lip colour to make it look less intense. I think this would be a wonderful shade to wear to work if I want to amp up my look without it looking too intense.

No. 675

NARS velvet lip glide No. 675 nc40 skin Sarah moon mind games review

No. 675 is described as a deep peach. This is one of the limited-edition shades exclusive to this set.

Chez Claude

NARS velvet lip glide Chez Claude nc40 Sarah moon mind games review

Chez Claude is described as a warm pink. This is another limited-edition shade sold only within this set.


NARS velvet lip glide Unspeakable nc40 Sarah moon mind games review

Unspeakable is described as a reddish pink. I tried to sheer out this shade in order to make it a little more work appropriate, however I just ended up with a patchy mess that didn’t look too great. Besides that, it’s a gorgeous shade as is.


NARS velvet lip glide Plato's nc40 Sarah moon mind games review

Plato’s is described as a deep pink. This is another limited-edition shade sold exclusively within this set. This shade is like a cooler version of Chez Claude and is one of those shades which every other line of liquid lipsticks carries. Beautiful, but somewhat played out. If you’re looking for a matte version of this shade that still has the comfort, I would suggest the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned.


NARS velvet lip glide Toy nc40 Sarah moon mind games review

Toy is described as a deep plum. This was the shade I was having trouble with when I wanted to build up the opacity. It just ended up looking patchy, but I still think it’s a gorgeous shade. With these deeper shades, I think some people might experience some feathering because of how the formula is. This shade really reminds the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu, although the latter is most likely darker.

Here are all of the Velvet Lip Glides swatched together:

NARS x Sarah Moon Mind Game Velvet Lip Glide swatches nc40 nars bound nc40 nars no. 675 nc40 nars chez claude nc40 nars unspeakable nc40 nars plato's nc40 nars toy nc40

Final Thoughts

I think if you’re able to get your hands on this set, you definitely should pick it up. It’s a great collection especially for those who can’t make up their mind about which shade to get among the ones available from the full sizes. With that said, the shades in the set are quite similar to one another, so unless you’re like me and don’t mind having a ton of berry tones in your collection, that is something to consider. Besides that, the formula of the Velvet Lip Glides is truly wonderful. I would say it’s a cross between the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream and the Revlon Moisture Stain. It’s very comfortable to wear and is quite hydrating, and the application leaves a behind a soft-focus look which I think is really beautiful. I’m giving this set a huge thumbs up and I’m extremely pleased with it.

Have you tried the new NARS Velvet Lip Glides?

What are your thoughts on the glossy/hydrating lip product trend?

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