THE LEMON DIARIES | Products I Regret Buying | Part II

I know I haven’t really been writing too many posts lately, and I truly apologize for that! Life has been a little crazy, but I finally have some time to churn out some content for all of you to see. I figured I could write another post about some products that weren’t exactly my cup of tea since it has been a while! This one, however, will be a bit different. Some of these aren’t products that I actually hate, but rather products I could definitely do without. If you’d like to learn more about some products that just don’t do it for me, please keep reading.

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Soufflé Body Crème

I’ll start off by saying that I normally do not go for body lotions that are heavily fragranced. My favourites are usually ones that are very simple: inexpensive, fragrance-free, yet very moisturizing. Because of this, I just have no idea why I was so drawn to this product. Almost a year ago I remember watching a video that Jaclyn Hill made with her raving about this lotion, saying it was the most amazing thing she’s ever smelled, and normally when people describe fragrances on the internet, it’s not something that I really pay any mind to because it is so difficult to figure out whether you will like how something smells just through what people say online. However, the more I looked into this product, the more I felt the need to have it. Just the description of the fragrance “Almond Coconut Milk Soufflé” sounded absolutely divine to me. But then I saw the price tag, a whopping $72! I waffled over buying this product for almost a month, and then I finally decided to just do it. I’ll admit, when I first got it, I didn’t hate this lotion. But it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting it to smell like. The formula of the lotion itself is fairly moisturizing, however the fragrance is just way too sweet and strong. I have a hard time using it regularly because the scent lingers for a very long time. Luckily most people around me don’t find the smell to be very offensive, in fact, I get many compliments whenever I use this lotion. However it is just way too fragrant for me and at this point the smell of it makes me feel nauseous. I think the #1 reason why I regret buying it is because I paid an ungodly amount for such a disappointing product. Never will I ever buy another crazy expensive lotion without smelling it first!

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in Olive

I was so excited when this product came out about a year ago, because finding foundations that match my skin perfectly is extremely difficult. I was looking for a product similar to this one so I could avoid having to buy multiple foundations in different shades because that can get very expensive. Unfortunately, I didn’t think this mixer really did much to adjust the shade of my foundation to a proper olive-ish tone. If anything, all it did was make my foundation slightly more sheer and darker. Maybe this mixer would work better for lighter shades, however it didn’t make a huge difference for the shades I use. Luckily it wasn’t very expensive, however it was still disappointing nonetheless.

Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lip Kit in Bloodwine

I wrote a review on this kit a few months ago,  and while I still stand by my initial thoughts, I really wish I returned this kit when I had the chance. Don’t get me wrong, the lipsticks that came in the kit were absolutely beautiful. The formula is lovely and I really do enjoy using them, however I really felt like the rest of the kit was useless to me. I never used the gloss (and I don’t think I plan on doing so in the future), I never wear glitter, especially on my lips, and I wasn’t really all that impressed with the gold pigment. In addition, even though I liked the lipsticks, they aren’t unique products. I have dozens of reds with good enough formulas, so I didn’t really need the ones that came in this kit. I just feel like I threw $72 down the drain for keeping products I don’t 100% love.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit

I might get a bit of flack for mentioning this product, but I just had to be honest with myself and include it in this post. I will say that I think these highlighters are gorgeous. They are so special and unique (or at least they were when they were first released), however they just aren’t shades that I can use on a regular basis. The shades are so bizarre and stand out much more on my skin tone than they would on individuals who are more fair, so I can’t really wear these casually. Whenever I try, most of the shades just look really weird on my skin. Some say that these work wonderfully as eyeshadows, and I completely agree with that, however I’m just not the type of person to wear holographic eyeshadows regularly. I don’t think that this palette is for me at all, and I feel really guilty that it’s just sitting in my drawers collecting dust, all because I couldn’t see past the shiny and pretty powders I saw on Instagram.

That’s it for this round of lemons! Unfortunately as a makeup addict, I will absolutely come across some products that I just don’t jive with. However, I hope this series won’t become a common one on this blog, and that these posts will serve as reminders that I need to be a more conscious consumer in order to avoid these blunders.


Have you come across any lemons in your collection lately?

Let me know in the comments below!

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