Nailed It | My Nail Essentials for Thin and Peeling Nails

I don’t think I’ve really posted anything on my blog about nail care products before, but I think that’s because I’ve been saving it for when I knew I found the best products to share with you all. I’ve always struggled with my nails, so taking care of them just wasn’t a priority to me because I thought that getting them to look presentable was a lost cause. For as long as I can remember, they’ve always been very brittle and thin. They would always peel, and although they have a decent shape and could grow fast, my nails would always end up breaking before they could get to a desired length, and it would be quite painful since they would always break right in the middle of my nail bed. I also am very rough with my nails, so nail polish chipping within a day or two of painting them was just something that I accepted.

I could go on and on about the abysmal condition of my nails, but luckily, that all ended quite some time ago! I’ve been using a few products for months now, and I think it’s safe to say that these products are the ones that I think have made a huge difference in terms of how my nails are looking and feeling these days. If you are having some issues with brittle nails and want to learn how to fix them, please keep reading!


Nailtiques Formula 2

I believe that this product has helped my nails the most out of everything I’ve used thus far. I typically use it as a base coat, and I find that whenever I do, my nails remain quite strong and hard. I have not experienced any split nails since using this product religiously – it truly is a miracle worker! It also keeps my nails from peeling as well as keeping my nail polish on for a longer period of time without chipping. The #2 formula is supposed to be used for individuals with “soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails”, which is exactly what my problems were. Luckily, if you have other nail issues, Nailtiques makes a few other formulas for different concerns, however I can’t speak to the effectiveness of them. I’ve tried several base coats and nail hardeners, but this one by Nailtiques is by far the most effective one. It is a little pricey – about $22 CAD, however I’ve had the same bottle for well over a year now and I use it every week, and it’s still going strong. I think it’s definitely worth the cost, and would highly recommend it to anyone with similar issues to mine.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

I love having perfectly polished nails, however I hate waiting for nail polish to dry. I always manage to ding my nails on something and end up screwing up my manicure, but those days became a thing of the past the moment I started using Seche Vite as a top coat. It was one of those products I’d heard about ages ago, however I didn’t actually give it a shot until recently. Now, I’m kicking myself for not trying it sooner, because it seriously is one of the best top coats out there, and it absolutely lives up to its hype. It dries your manicure very quickly; I’d say in less than 5 minutes your nail polish is completely set and ready to go. Using Seche Vite has definitely been a game-changer for my manicures; I really cannot recommend it enough to anyone who hates waiting for polish to dry. I also love how Seche Vite gives the nails a lovely high-shine finish and keeps my nail polish from chipping for a few days.

I will say, however, that it is a bit tricky to use at first. You have to apply a thick glob of top coat on wet polish and you have to make sure to wrap your nails because it will cause the polish to “shrink” as it dries. But these are all minor inconveniences, and after a few tries, these little methods will end up making your nails look amazing. Best of all, Seche Vite is very affordable and is available pretty much anywhere. In Canada, it is available online and practically any beauty store, however I’ve also seen it at Winners for about $6 CAD.

Sephora Crystal Nail File

So, a little back story… I never used to bother with filing my nails. I was (and still am) a nail-biter, and since my nails never looked completely mangled, I just continued on with the habit. Gross, I know, but it was just something that I couldn’t be bothered to stop with. On my quest to having perfect-ish nails, I decided that it was time to break the habit, and as a result of this, I thought it was a great time to start shaping my nails the right way. I started off by using those cardboard emery boards that are very cheap, however I noticed that they were a bit too rough and would end up making my nails peel even more. After researching a bit further, I found that people were suggesting using crystal nail files repeatedly for those with thin and brittle nails. I bought one from Sephora for about $10 CAD, and the rest is history. The nail file was strong enough to shape my nails the way I wanted, but they were also very gentle at the same time. My nails never splintered or started to peel after using the file. Again, if you have soft nails that are too thin for traditional emery boards, give a crystal nail file a try. They are definitely an expensive alternative, however they last quite a while and are very effective.

Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil

Living in Canada, hang nails are inevitable. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to minimize how many I get, especially during the winter months. I stumbled upon the Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil one day and picked it up on a whim while it was on sale at a local drugstore. I must say, this stuff is really awesome! I like how it comes in a nail polish bottle so it is fairly easy to apply on the nails without getting too much oil everywhere. It smells really nice, and it absorbs into the skin fairly quickly, but not so quick that your nails and cuticles feel dry right after. I love massaging this oil onto my nails and cuticles right after a fresh coat of polish has dried, especially since the acetone can really dry out my nails.


What are some of your favourite nail care products?

Let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “Nailed It | My Nail Essentials for Thin and Peeling Nails

  1. I have had and still do on occasion the same issues with my nails as you. I also found Nailtiques Formula 2 and all things changed! I love this product and although it is not natural by any means (I am switching all my beauty items to natural) I just can not part with this product! Great post and I am glad another fellow beauty girl has fallen for this product!


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