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Ever since I started getting really serious into my makeup application, I’ve been trying to make sure that I could have an adequate light source at my vanity. Unfortunately, having really small windows doesn’t help much, and neither does waking up at the crack of dawn during the work week when natural light is basically non-existent. I started looking into lighted mirrors, but it was surprisingly difficult to find some really good ones, especially in Canada. I remember seeing videos of bloggers using simplehuman mirrors, and I’ve been lusting for one ever since. The price was a bit steep, so I decided to look for alternatives, but to no avail. Luckily, simplehuman was kind enough to reach out for me and asked me whether I was interested in reviewing one of their mirrors on my blog. Naturally, my answer was a resounding “yes”, and here we are! So, what are my thoughts on the simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro? Keep reading to find out.



The simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro is available to purchase through the simplehuman website, Bed Bath & Beyond, and The Bay (in Canada). It retails for about $300 CAD, which is definitely not a bargain by any means. This specific model comes with a smaller mirror with 10x magnification for a more detailed view, whereas the larger mirror is about 8″ wide with 5x magnification. There is a small groove on the back of the mirror where the smaller piece can be placed when not in use. The mirror comes in two shades: stainless steel and rose gold. I opted for the rose gold version and find the tint to be a bit subtle, but very sleek.

The mirror has a ring of light around it which is meant to simulate natural sunlight thanks to its “tru-lux” light system. This specific model has a very handy mobile app that can be used to change the brightness of the light, as well as the tone of the light to replicate the lighting in whatever environment you’re in. The mirror also has a motion sensor which allows it to light up whenever you approach the mirror and to turn off when you’re away from it. This mirror can work without a cord and is said to hold a charge for up to 4 weeks.



I’m seriously impressed with this mirror. It has exceeded all my expectations and was exactly what I was looking for. I really love how large it is and I love how I can see every detail of my face with it. If you can get your makeup to look absolutely flawless through the mirror, then you know that you will look perfect for the day.

The lighting is my favourite feature. It is extremely bright and really does mimic natural sunlight, meaning that you know that you’ve colour-matched your foundation and concealer properly and won’t be in for a nasty surprise when you leave the house. I’ve gone through a couple of lighted mirrors before trying this one by simplehuman, and I really appreciate that it can work cord-free without having to buy batteries every couple of weeks. I also like how the light doesn’t get hot to the touch, unlike some other mirrors I’ve tried with incandescent bulbs.

The simplehuman app is also a very cool added bonus. Being able to change the tinge of the lighting, even having control over the brightness of the lighting, is very convenient. I also like how you can set an alarm on the mirror through the app. For instance, say you only give yourself 20 minutes to get ready, you can set an alarm that allows for the mirror to change its lighting and start flashing when time has run out. It’s minor details like these that really gets me!

I really like how the mirror comes with a smaller, more magnified mirror than can easily be removed whenever it isn’t needed. Overall, I enjoy how simple yet innovative this mirror is.

As much as I love this mirror, there are a couple of cons I would like to address. First and foremost: its price. There’s no denying it; this mirror is very expensive. I’m not saying that it’s the one that everyone needs to rush out and get, however I think that if you’re a person who needs an adequate light source while getting ready, wakes up early in the morning, and lives in a place where its pitch black before 8 AM for 5 months at a time, this is basically a lifesaver. Another slight con is the fact that this mirror didn’t hold out up to 4 weeks without having to recharge it. I usually use this mirror for about 45 min-1 hour in the morning, and it had to be recharged after about a week and a half of daily use. It isn’t terrible and it isn’t really a major inconvenience, but it just didn’t live up to that specific claim.


Would I recommend it?

Honestly, yes and no. As I said before, I don’t think that everyone needs a $300 mirror in their lives, especially since the general population isn’t really concerned about how well their foundation matches their skin tone or how many little hairs are forming on their upper lip or mid-brow. But if you’re looking for a very great quality, smart mirror that is well designed with a very bright light and you’re willing to shell out a couple pretty pennies, I don’t think I could recommend this product enough. Getting ready in the mornings has been substantially easier and more enjoyable using this mirror, and I can honestly say that before simplehuman reached out to me, this was the next product on my list of products to buy.

I’d like to thank simplehuman once again for their lovely gift and would highly suggest checking out their other sensor mirrors and household products!

Note: This product was received as a complimentary item from simplehuman for my consideration. In addition, I did not receive any compensation for writing this review.

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