REVIEW | KKW x Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks on Tan Skin

Once again, I’ve been lured into the infamous yet extremely effective trap of product packaging. The new Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick collaboration with Kim Kardashian West sucked me right in with its pale pink, minimalistic layout. I’m not the biggest nude lover out there, but I could not help myself when these launched. Besides, I thought maybe some of these could finally be nudes that could work on me, and the fact that they’re presented so nicely probably helped too. Thoughts? Keep reading to find out.



The KKW x Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick set retails for $45 USD, but with $15 shipping, it ended up being about $80 CAD for me. The set comes with 4 liquid lipsticks in nude shades, which are very in tune with the Kim Kardashian West aesthetic. The formula of these lipsticks claim to be different from the other available Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks. Here is the description from the Kylie Cosmetics website:

The KKW Crème Liquid Lipstick has sheer to medium coverage that can be built based on your desired lip intensity. This unique crème formula contains moisturizing and hydrating ingredients that glide on for a luxurious and creamy finish. Gives a natural sheen while feeling ultra lightweight on the lips.

I’ve seen a few reviews saying that this formula is definitely more creamy and not long lasting at all, which I’m okay with. I like how trends are moving away from ultra drying matte lips and more into comfortable options.


There are 4 shades: Kimberly, which is described as a “true nude”; Kim, which is described as a “peachy nude”; Kiki, which is described as a “pinky nude”; Kimmie, which is described as a “deep nude”. I would say that these shade descriptions are quite accurate, except for Kimmie, which I would consider more as a deeper, muted coral.

KKW x Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick swatches on tan skin. L to R: Kimberly, Kim, Kiki, Kimmie


As with all Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks, I happen to like the packaging very much with the exception of the drips. I don’t find the overall Kylie cosmetic design to be particularly cute, but the packaging itself is very sturdy and feels nice. The applicator doesn’t really pick up much product, however I personally like that because I can build the product on my lips without having to struggle with spread a huge glob of lipstick around.

Formula, Application, and Wear

The formula is definitely very creamy, comfortable to wear, and doesn’t have any fragrance to it. I found that Kim was the hardest shade to work with because it was more streaky than the others, but the rest spread very evenly. I’ve seen some reviews claiming that Kimberly and Kim were quite streaky, however I didn’t find that to be the case with Kimberly. Like the description states, none of these liquid lipsticks are opaque, but they do build up to a medium wash of colour. I happen to like this about these nudes because I find that shades this light, especially on my skin tone, look very strange if it goes on completely opaque. I like that I’m able to apply these lipsticks without them making my lips look too dry or painted on. I wouldn’t say that any of these shades look natural, but these are probably some of the better lighter nude lipsticks that I’ve tried. That being said, Kimberly, Kim, and Kiki definitely would not work on me without a lip liner.

KKW x Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks on NC35 skin. Paired with ‘Stripdown’ lipliner by MAC.

These liquid lipsticks are much more comfortable to wear than traditional liquid lipsticks, for obvious reasons. They are very creamy and they have a bit of a shine to them, but they aren’t like lip glosses that usually feel thicker and stickier. I didn’t really notice these gathering in any of my lip creases, and if I pressed my lips together, they didn’t clump up. Since these aren’t supposed to be long lasting, these do come off fairly easily and they do not leave stains behind. This might be annoying for nights out or when you’re going out to eat, but I personally don’t think it’s too much of a nuisance given that they fade off well.

Final Thoughts

I’m actually really digging this new cream formula by Kylie Cosmetics. I think they’re really comfortable to wear and I like how it isn’t thick or sticky. I’m not too crazy about the shades from this particular collaboration (with the exception of Kimmie, I actually really love it!), however I would definitely be interested in future releases if Kylie came out with some even deeper nudes that would flatter deeper skin tones. I think I might try to work with Kimberly and Kiki because they are decent shades with good formulas, but Kim was my least favourite given that the formula was very streaky and difficult to spread out.


Have you tried the KKW x Kylie Cosmetics collab?

Are you over the matte lip trend?

Let me know in the comments below!

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