REVIEW | Dermablend Cover Creme in Golden Beige

I remember a few years back when I used to peruse through Tumblr like it was my day job. A man named Rick Genest (aka Zombie Boy) was very popular, particularly because of the intricate tattoos that covered his body. One day, I saw an ad by a company called Dermablend which featured Zombie Boy. The ad showed how their products successfully covered all of his tattoos, which was very impressive! Fast forward to present day, I was lucky enough to be offered some Dermablend products for my consideration. Thinking back to the ad I saw years ago with Zombie Boy, I happily accepted, and here we are! I was very intrigued to see whether the foundation I received would really by as heavy duty as it appeared to be. So what are my thoughts? Please keep reading to find out!



I received the Dermablend Cover Creme in the shade Golden Beige. It retails for $44 CAD on the Dermablend website. I also received the Dermablend Loose Setting Powder in the shade Cool Beige, which retails for $34 CAD. Here is a quick overview of the claims for the Cover Creme from the Dermablend website:

Our best-selling foundation! Provides the ultimate full coverage for up to 16 hours of consistent color wear when worn with setting powder. Glides on evenly, leaving skin feeling velvety smooth. Never cakey or masky.


  • broad spectrum spf 30
  • glides on evenly. skin looks fresh, feels soft with a velvety smooth finish
  • available in a wide variety of shades for all ethnicities and skin tones
  • never cakey or masky
  • all day skin hydration
  • smudge and transfer resistant wear for up to 16 hours when used with setting powder.

Shade & Packaging

It was a bit difficult for me to pick out a shade based on the website swatches, however I went with Golden Beige because that’s usually what matches me closest among other brands. The shade was slightly too dark and yellow for my current skin tone, which is probably between NC30-35. The packaging is a bit different. It comes in a wide but shallow jar, and you are provided with a small spatula to scoop out product. I personally don’t mind the way the product is packaged, but I can see how it might be inconvenient for those who are used to bottles with pumps.


The formula for the Dermablend Cover Creme is very interesting. It’s definitely different from most foundations I’ve used. Firstly, it is an oil-based foundation. Secondly, it comes in a stiff consistency. Product needs to be scraped off with a spatula and warmed up on the hand. I was worried that it would be too thick to work with, but once it’s warmed up on the skin, it melts into a lovely creamy texture. It doesn’t feel very thick, but I wouldn’t say that it is as lightweight as a foundation with a more fluid texture. One thing I would like to mention, because it is an oil-based product, I didn’t use any primer with it. Most of my primers are silicone-based, so I didn’t think it would work well with the formula if the Cover Creme. I applied a “heavier” moisturizer like MAC’s Strobe Cream or the Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream, and just went ahead with applying the foundation.

Application & Wear

The foundation blended onto my skin very nicely. It was easy to work with as it was quite creamy, and I found it east to spread around using my fingers and a buffing brush. The foundation evened out my skin well with one thin layer, but it was more of a medium coverage rather than full. I applied a bit more product on areas that needed a little more coverage, and I noticed that it did a pretty good job with concealing some dark spots, but I had one small acne scar on the right side of my face (left side in the pictures below) that was not completely covered.

The foundation wore well throughout the day, however it definitely had to be set with powder. I used the Dermablend Loose Setting Powder that I received with the foundation, and it did a great job at keeping the foundation on my face all day. I found that it also helped control my oil, which is a problem I typically have issues with. I thought the powder was good, but I noticed that the shade Cool Beige darkened my foundation ever so slightly. Because of this, I would recommend trying the Translucent shade if you have anything lighter than a medium skin tone.

dermablend cover creme golden beige

L to R: Bare face, one layer of Dermablend Cover Creme in Golden Beige, Finished look set with Dermablend Loose Setting Powder in Cool Beige.

I didn’t expect this foundation to look so smooth and natural on my skin. Considering it’s an oil-based product, I thought it would feel too heavy, greasy, and cakey. It did crease in my usual areas (e.g. laugh lines, nose creases), but it wasn’t any worse than the other foundations I’ve tried. I was really impressed with the texture of my skin without any primer underneath. By the end of a work day (about 8-10 hours), my makeup was in tact. I didn’t notice any fading or any patchiness. I didn’t really have to touch up any parts of my face with powder like I usually have to do at least once.

Final Thoughts

The Dermablend Cover Creme was an unexpected hit for me. I really like how easy it is to work with, and I enjoy the coverage it gives as well as how it wears throughout the day. I like how easy it is to customize the foundation; you can make it light enough to make it look more natural or you can really build it to achieve a full-coverage look.

With that being said, I do think this foundation is a little too much for every day use, especially if you don’t have much to cover. I don’t think this would be very comfortable to wear on very hot and humid days as it is oil-based. This foundation also absolutely needs to be set with powder, and set quite heavily. It is recommended that you almost “bake” your entire face with powder for a couple of minutes in order to make it stay on, but once this is done, it really doesn’t budge. Dermablend does offer a lighter foundation meant for every day use called the Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation. I haven’t tried it myself but I have heard great things!

I don’t think this product has the fullest coverage out of all the foundations I tried, but it’s definitely up there. I think it’s also one of the more comfortable and wearable full-coverage/long-wearing foundations. I find that many heavily pigmented, long-wearing foundations are quite drying and emphasize a lot of texture the longer you wear it. I didn’t experience any of that with this product.

If you’re someone who likes very light bases that don’t require too much hassle, this probably isn’t the product for you. But if you like fuller coverage and want something that is more comfortable and slightly more hydrating, I think the Dermablend Cover Creme is a good option!

Note: These products were received as complimentary PR items for my consideration. In addition, I did not receive any compensation for writing this review.

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