REVIEW | Texture Hair Salon

The other day I was invited to come into the Texture Hair Salon in Ottawa to get my hair styled by the wonderful Kelley. I had never been to Texture prior to this visit but I have heard many wonderful things about the salon, especially when it comes to colourful dye jobs.

The moment I arrived into the salon, I was immediately greeted by Kelley in a very warm and inviting manor. I really appreciated that because good customer service is always something I look for, especially in salons. Kelley sat me down at her chair and suggested a hair style involving big, voluptuous waves – it was like she read my mind! While she was doing my hair, I felt like she really took the time to get to know me and we had some wonderful conversations. I usually don’t like to have conversations while getting my hair done because I always feel awkward making small talk, but Kelley made me comfortable enough to have a pleasant and meaningful conversation that flowed very organically.

I asked Kelley a few hair care questions, and she was very helpful in addressing some of my concerns. She suggested a deep hair conditioner by Sebastian that I ended up buying, and she also suggested ways that I can keep my hair nice and healthy with minimal effort.

It took about 40 minutes to wash and style my hair, and I was very happy with the result:


If you’re looking for a very personable hair stylist with great skills, I cannot recommend Kelley enough. Even at a glance of her Instagram page, you can see so many examples of her work with styling, hair cuts, and dye jobs. If you decide to check out the Texture salon on Dalhousie or have any other experience with the salon, let me know in the comments below! And if you happen to go with Kelley, tell her I sent you!

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