REVIEW | NARS Overlust Cheek Palette

NARS overlust palette

NARS always gets me with their beautiful, curated face palettes. I will admit that I did get this one on a whim – I actually had my eyes on the NARS Free Lover palette, but I made a swift executive decision to get the Overlust palette instead. Why? I can’t say for sure. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect warm nude blush, and this was just right up my alley.

On an editorial note, I’d like to try a different format with my reviews this time around. More specifically, I’d like to make them more to-the-point. So, as usual, read on if you’d like to know what the deal is with this palette!


NARS overlust palette

  • Limited edition; all shades are new and not available to buy separately
  • Packaging is annoying because the top is uneven; difficult to stack in a drawer
  • Top row are all shimmery highlights with a gel-to-powder formula. If using soft, sparse brushes, they will not pick up product at all. Highlights are quite subtle.
  • Bottom row are all matte powder blushes. Formula is like a creamy powder. All are decently pigmented however they can be difficult to blend out.


NARS overlust palette swatch medium tan skin
L to R: NARS Drift, NARS Deep Down, NARS Tied Up
NARS overlust palette swatch medium tan skin
L to R: NARS Body Talk, NARS Get Lost, NARS Let It Burn
NARS overlust palette swatch medium tan skin
L to R: NARS Tied Up, NARS Deep Down, NARS Drift, NARS Let It Burn, NARS Get Lost, NARS Body Talk

Comparisons to other NARS blushes

NARS overlust palette swatch medium tan skin

I own quite a few NARS blushes, so I decided to see if there were any singles in the permanent NARS blush lineup that are similar to the ones found in the Overlust palette. I’d like to note that these finger swatches are quite heavy and are not necessarily representative of how they would look like on the skin applied with a brush.

NARS Let It Burn vs. NARS Deep Throat

NARS overlust palette comparison NARS blush
L to R: NARS Let It Burn, NARS Deep Throat

NARS Deep Throat seemed like a very similar shade to NARS Let It Burn in the pan, however one obvious difference is that Deep Throat has shimmer in it while Let It Burn is matte. Let It Burn seems appears to be more pastel-like whereas Deep Throat is warmer with a peachy hue.

NARS Lustre and NARS Madly vs. NARS Get Lost

NARS overlust palette comparison NARS blush
L to R: NARS Lustre, NARS Get Lost, NARS Madly

I’m not sure whether the blushes I have in my collection are similar enough to NARS Get Lost. NARS Lustre has shimmer and is much more orange-toned, and NARS Madly was more pale and had a slight pink tint to it. In hindsight, I think that NARS Lustre might be more similar to NARS Deep Down. I don’t have that comparison in this post, but if anyone is interested, I can add it.

NARS Lovejoy vs. NARS Body Talk and NARS Drift

NARS overlust palette comparison NARS blush
L to R: NARS Lovejoy, NARS Body Talk, NARS Drift

I knew that the blushes I had probably weren’t similar enough to NARS Body Talk or NARS Drift, but I figured I’d try just for shits and giggles. As you can all see, I was way off. NARS Lovejoy has some shimmer in it and is much more red, however it is also significantly less pigmented than Body Talk and Drift.

NARS overlust palette comparison NARS blush NARS overlust swatch medium tan skin olive skin
NARS blush comparisons on medium olive skin: NARS Deep Throat, NARS Let It Burn, NARS Madly, NARS Get Lost, NARS Lustre, NARS Drift, NARS Body Talk, NARS Lovejoy

Final Thoughts

This palette is hard for me to recommend because I feel like it is represented very differently in the pan and in swatches. Its performance can also vary depending on what type of brush a person uses to apply blush or highlighter. Because of how finicky the formulas are, this palette is a definite miss. I should’ve got the Free Lover palette instead! At least I can add this to my list of reasons why I need to stop impulse-buying makeup…

2 thoughts on “REVIEW | NARS Overlust Cheek Palette

  1. Amazing swatch comparisons. This palette is gorgeous but it doesn’t have as much colour payoff as I had hoped. The blushes apply nicer than the highlight – it doesn’t really pick up on my brush! Great review!


    1. Thanks! I completely’s really unfortunate that it doesn’t work as nicely as it looks. I’ve had some decent results using rougher brushes with the highlighters, like the ABH highlighter brush. But it sucks using a product which only works when applied in a certain way with a specific applicator!


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