REVIEW | Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lipsticks in Velvet Dragon and Velvet Affair

lisa eldridge velvet dragon velvet affair swatch medium olive skin nc 35 skin medium tan skin

In an era where it seems like practically everyone and their mother comes out with a makeup line, it can be pretty overwhelming to weed through the ones worth trying. I’m usually wary of these new lines, especially given that I have a larger collection than the average person, but when Lisa Eldridge announced her new lipsticks last year, I immediately knew I had to try them. Lisa Eldridge’s reputation as a makeup artist precedes her, so I won’t spend too much time on why she is placed high on my list of respectable beauty YouTubers. Although the shades from her initial launch didn’t interest me too much, her latest release did the trick, so I ended up ordering two shades, Velvet Affair and Velvet Dragon. One thing is certain: I had high expectations for these products. Did these lipsticks come through or fall short? Keep reading to find out…


Lisa Eldridge’s True Velvet lipsticks are currently only available from her website. They cost £26.00 each, meaning after converting to CAD and factoring shipping + duties in, I spent a hefty amount to get my grubby little hands on these lipsticks. This goes without saying, but these lipsticks were splurges. They have luxury price tags, but I’m happy to report that my experience with them so far have reflected that. For example, the packaging is not generic and definitely ~*feels*~ expensive. It has a good weight to it and has a magnetic lid to keep the bullets closed; the snap you hear while putting the cap back on is very satisfying. In fact, the magnets are strong enough that if you have two bullets close together, they actually repel each other with a decent amount of force. As you can tell, I’m very amused by this magnetic feature. One other thing I really enjoy about these lipsticks is the fact that the lipstick bullets themselves look like velvet. The lipsticks are covered in this mesh-like pattern, I don’t know how they did it but it looks incredible and is truly unique and very on par with its namesake.

lisa eldridge velvet dragon velvet affair swatch medium olive skin nc 35 skin medium tan skin
Lisa Eldridge True Velvet lipsticks in Velvet Dragon (left) and Velvet Affair (right); bullets show velvet texture.


The True Velvet lipsticks are described as long wearing, creamy, hydrating mattes with a slight sheen, not flat mattes. In my experience, the description is spot on. They feel comfortable on the lips and are great mattes for people who hate matte formulas, but not so much for those who prefer the ultra matte feeling, like the MAC retro matte formula or most matte liquid lipsticks. They don’t have the silicone feel that some “comfort matte” formulas typical have, and they don’t feel thin or look sheer either. The lipstick has a thicker consistency to it and applies opaque, but I wouldn’t describe it as creamy. It transfers however it leaves a beautiful stain behind. In this sense, it is long wearing and doesn’t flake off and make your lipstick look weird after a few hours. Overall I think the formula lives up to its claims and is definitely the kind I prefer when I wear lipsticks on a daily basis.

lisa eldridge velvet dragon velvet affair swatch medium olive skin nc 35 skin medium tan skin
Lisa Eldridge True Velvet lipsticks in Velvet Affair (left) and Velvet Dragon (right) on medium tan/medium olive skin.

Swatch comparisons

Velvet Affair

Lisa Eldridge Velvet Affair vs MAC persistence vs MAC Taupe vs MAC Mocha vs MAC velvet teddy nude lipsticks tan olive skin
Lisa Eldridge True Velvet lipstick in Velvet Affair vs. MAC Persistence vs. MAC Taupe vs. MAC Mocha vs. MAC Velvet Teddy on medium tan/medium olive skin.

Velvet Affair is described as “an earthy, soft caramel brown…sticky toffee shade…neutral/warm golden undertones”. Compared to some of my most worn nudes, Velvet Affair is very similar to 3 of them, and that’s just in my collection of MAC lipsticks. It’s the most similar to MAC Taupe, which is one of my all-time favourite nude lipsticks. If I’m being really picky, MAC Taupe is slightly less matte and just a smidge less yellow, but they are virtually identical. I’m a bit surprised as I thought Velvet Affair would be different enough from what I already own, but I was obviously wrong.

Velvet Dragon

Lisa Eldridge Velvet Dragon swatch  vs MAC chili vs MAC devoted to chili vs Too Faced Gingerbread Man vs Fenty Beauty Freckle Fiesta medium tan skin medium olive skin nc35 skin
Lisa Eldridge True Velvet lipstick in Velvet Dragon vs. MAC Chili vs. MAC Devoted To Chili vs. Too Faced Gingerbread Man vs. Fenty Beauty Freckle Fiesta on medium tan/medium olive skin.

Velvet Dragon is described as “a muted, burnt soft, rusty red with warm yellow undertones”. Compared to the other rusty red/oranges in my collection, it is the most similar in shade to the Too Faced Melted Matte liquid lipstick in Gingerbread Man, which was limited edition and is obviously a completely different formula. While they both have the same tone, Gingerbread Man is slightly deeper than Velvet Dragon. In terms of formula, Velvet Dragon is mostly similar to the Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Plush Matte lipstick in Freckle Fiesta. It is just as opaque, however Velvet Dragon is less creamy, with a thicker and drier consistency.

Final Thoughts

I enjoy these lipsticks and I’m glad I picked them up. From the packaging to the formula, these lipsticks definitely met my expectations. Lisa Eldridge really puts an emphasis on the historical aspect of beauty, and she seems to appreciate the vintage aesthetic of packaging. I feel like these lipsticks embody that retro glamour vibe, which is why I love using them so much. Because I’m a self-proclaimed critic and like to be balanced in my glowing reviews, one slight con I want to note is the lack of originality in the shade range. I thought the shades I chose would be different enough from other lipsticks in my collection, but I was wrong. That’s a good thing in a way because that means the shades are dupeable, which is important since these lipsticks aren’t accessible or affordable. Are these lipsticks worth the price? In general, no, however if you’re in the market for something more ~*luxurious*~, I think they are ones to consider and certainly size up compared to other high-end brands.

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