REVIEW | MAC Cosmetics Powder Kiss Lipsticks

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick swatch olive skin devoted to chili MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick swatch olive skin mull it over MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick swatch olive skin stay curious MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick swatch olive skin burning love

The “soft blur” effect on lips is one of my all time favourite looks. Anything that will give that popsicle stain effect or the wine stain on the lips – I am here for ALL of it. Enter the MAC Cosmetics Powder Kiss Lipstick. These are basically the embodiment of that, without the dryness or intensity that usually comes with the territory. Read on to see some swatches and some brief thoughts!

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REVIEW | Urban Decay Inked Brow

urban decay inked brow neutral nana review swatches

I’m sure a large number of people remotely interested in beauty products has seen an ad or two with those peely lipsticks or brow “tattoos”. I won’t lie, although I know all those products are too good to be true, that hasn’t stifled my interest in them whatsoever. The idea of semi-permanent makeup, especially for lips and brows, is very appealing to me since I’m the person who wishes that their lips are an unnatural shade of red and loves the look of full-on bushy, unruly brows. A product I’ve come across which kind of sits within this realm of semi-permanency is the Urban Decay Inked Brow Gel. This is a type of brow product I’ve never tried before, so I felt the urge to try it and review it for all of you to fulfill my ongoing quest to finding the best brow products to rule them all. Keep reading to see if this was all that and a bag of potato chips!

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REVIEW | MAC Shot of Colour Lip Oil

mac shot of colour lip oil punch-drunk love olive skin mac shot of colour lip oil hit me up olive skin mac shot of colour lip oil let's go streakin! olive skin

Somewhat recently, I noticed that MAC released some new lip products, a line called Shot of Colour lip oils. Lip oils generally are products I enjoy as they are moisturizing, not as shiny as a gloss but certainly more comfortable and less sticky, and bonus points if they have a decent tint to them. These seemed to fit the bill, so I picked up three shades: Punch-Drunk Love, which is described as a ‘soft pinkish coral’, Hit Me Up, described as ‘deep mauvey rose’, and Let’s Go Streakin!, described as ‘terracotta red’. As always, read on for some swatches, comparisons to other MAC lipstick shades, and a few thoughts.

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REVIEW | Pat McGrath Mothership VIII: Divine Rose II Palette

Pat McGrath mothership VIII divine rose II palette swatches medium skin review

Keeping the Pat McGrath train going here on Girl & Vanity, today I wanted to share some thoughts and swatches of the new (I think?? maybe NEW-ISH) Mothership VIII palette in ‘Divine Rose II’. Before I purchased this one, I already had the Mothership V palette in ‘Bronze Seduction’, which is of a similar warm, glittery vibe. I’ll admit, my interest for the Divine Rose II palette was lukewarm at first. But then came the onslaught of all the glittery and sparkly swatches from YouTube and Instagram! I don’t know what it is about Pretty Shiny Thingsā„¢ that triggers my lizard brain, all I know is that it is what has brought us here today. So, did the power of social media and the almighty hype machine deliver? Read on to see for yourself!

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