REVIEW | Lisa Eldridge True Velvet Lipsticks in Velvet Dragon and Velvet Affair

lisa eldridge velvet dragon velvet affair swatch medium olive skin nc 35 skin medium tan skin

In an era where it seems like practically everyone and their mother comes out with a makeup line, it can be pretty overwhelming to weed through the ones worth trying. I’m usually wary of these new lines, especially given that I have a larger collection than the average person, but when Lisa Eldridge announced her new lipsticks last year, I immediately knew I had to try them. Lisa Eldridge’s reputation as a makeup artist precedes her, so I won’t spend too much time on why she is placed high on my list of respectable beauty YouTubers. Although the shades from her initial launch didn’t interest me too much, her latest release did the trick, so I ended up ordering two shades, Velvet Affair and Velvet Dragon. One thing is certain: I had high expectations for these products. Did these lipsticks come through or fall short? Keep reading to find out…

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