REVIEW | NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation

As you all know by now, I am a huge sucker for anything by NARS. One of my favourite foundations happens to be by NARS, so when I learned that they were releasing a brand new one, I immediately went to the Sephora site to get my grubby little hands on it. Unfortunately, I had to wait a couple of months before I could buy it since it was only released late last month on the Sephora website. But alas, I got it, I tried it, and now I have a review for it! If you are curious about my thoughts on this new foundation, please keep reading.


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Pan 17 in 2017 | Update #1

I can’t believe it’s already time for my first Project Pan update! I have to say, this experiment has been a little more difficult than I thought it would be, but I think I definitely made some great progress! I finished up/hit pan on many items on my list, so I’d say this first quarter has been quite successful. I’m having a bit of a hard time getting through some products, but I’m just trying to stay optimistic. This post is going to be long enough, so I’ll cut the rambling and just get on with it!


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VIDEO: Updated Every Day Makeup Routine

After a long hiatus, I finally recorded an updated every day makeup routine video! A lot of these products are part of my Project Pan for 2017, so I figured it would be a great idea to showcase exactly how I’m using some of them. I’ll be honest, it’s a lot of makeup for every day! However I’m trying really hard to get through some of these products. I hope you guys enjoy! Please keep reading if you’re interested in the Product List.

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REVIEW | NARS Unfiltered I Cheek Palette

Everyone has a weakness. For Achilles, it was his heel. For Superman, it was kryptonite. And for me? NARS blushes. I can’t get enough of them, and just when I thought that my collection was complete, NARS decided to release this beautiful thing. The arrangement of shades in this specific palette reeled me in, and I knew I had to have it. One thing that made me hesitate was the fact that it was limited edition. Because of this, I questioned whether the quality would be on par with the regular NARS blushes. Did this palette impress, or are you better off skipping this release? Keeping reading to find out.


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