REVIEW | Relaxus Photo Finish Brush Set

If you’ve been following some of the more popular Instagram makeup accounts for some time, you’ve probably seen the strange tool that people have been using, that looks like a giant hairbrush, to apply foundation. This year has been one for the books when it comes to strange trends such as clown contouring and using household objects to contour, however the oval brushes were quite intriguing. I’ve watched many videos of individuals reviewing the original Artis makeup brushes, and all were quite positive. The price was the only think really stopping me from trying those brushes out, but luckily I was recently contacted by Trade Secrets and they generously provided me with a set of oval brushes to try! I’ve been using the brushes for the past week, so I’ve had plenty of time to deliberate. Want to know if these brushes are the next best thing, or just another weird Instagram trend? Keep reading to find out.

Relaxus Photo Finish Brush Set

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