REVIEW | simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro

Ever since I started getting really serious into my makeup application, I’ve been trying to make sure that I could have an adequate light source at my vanity. Unfortunately, having really small windows doesn’t help much, and neither does waking up at the crack of dawn during the work week when natural light is basically non-existent. I started looking into lighted mirrors, but it was surprisingly difficult to find some really good ones, especially in Canada. I remember seeing videos of bloggers using simplehuman mirrors, and I’ve been lusting for one ever since. The price was a bit steep, so I decided to look for alternatives, but to no avail. Luckily, simplehuman was kind enough to reach out for me and asked me whether I was interested in reviewing one of their mirrors on my blog. Naturally, my answer was a resounding “yes”, and here we are! So, what are my thoughts on the simplehuman Sensor Mirror Pro? Keep reading to find out.


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